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Air Curtain Engineering Ltd

24 - Apr - 2014

Specialise in designing and manufacturing air curtains.

Air Curtains for Cold Stores

'ACE' Air Curtains for Cold Stores & Chill Rooms

Standard Unit
Door Infill Unit

Industrial Air Curtains for Cold Stores & Chill Rooms

Air Curtain Engineering Ltd manufacture a range of air curtains for cold stores comprising standard 'CF' type cold store air curtains, as shown above (left) with an alternative 'door infill' type unit, if site conditions allow, as shown above (right).

Comprehensive Range of Cold Store Air Curtains

Cold store air curtains are normally mounted above doorways but can also be manufactured for mounting vertically to one or both sides of the opening. All air curtains for cold stores are designed to minimize the loss of refrigerated or chilled air through the cold store doorway and prevent warm ambient air entering, which causes frost build-up within the store on walls ceiling and product.

'ACE' ambient air curtains, type 'CF', were developed some ten years ago when it became apparent that a robust design, with a long working life and minimal maintenance requirements, was needed to satisfy the arduous conditions found within the refrigeration and food manufacturing industry. Now used by many major food producers, we have in the past ten years been asked to supply just one replacement speed control switch.

All 'CF' type cold store air curtains are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, finished 'brushed satin', to suit the required door opening width, with aluminium inlet and outlet grilles. The single phase axial type fan is protected to IP54 with class 'F' insulation, suitable for use in ambient temperatures
between -40C and +50C and normally selected to provide an initial outlet velocity capable of minimising unwanted horizontal air movement through the doorway with velocities of up to 2.0 metres/second.
Cold store air curtains include an internally mounted pre-wired speed control switch is mounted adjacent to the fan to allow the optimum outlet velocity to be selected.

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Once installed and correctly adjusted 'ACE' cold store air curtains provide an efficient solution to energy loss, achieving up to 80% efficiency, reducing fuel costs and extending the life of cooling equipment.

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